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Cracking the TOPIK Ⅱ Writing
Cracking the TOPIK Ⅱ Writing

Cracking the TOPIK Ⅱ Writing

Tác giả : Won Eunyeoung

Số trang : 249

Lượt xem : 2.368

Lượt tải : 632

Lượt đọc : 788

Kích thước : 12.15 MB

Đăng lúc : 1 năm trước

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Tiếng Hàn Quốc Học Ngoại Ngữ

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This book presents questions from number 51 to number 54 in classified types. The explanations organized according to the question types let students recognize what their tasks are for each type. This book also presents some strategies for each type of question to let anyone write the answers easily. Even if you are not familiar with writing something in your mother tongue, you can learn some easy and accurate ways to write answers by acquiring the type-by-type writing strategies presented in this book. As we have included expected questions for each type and mock tests, you can apply the strategies you have learned and prepare for all types of questions. You can also improve your Korean writing ability by solving sample questions on the use of honorifics, indirect discourses, literary sentences, and sentence coherence and by referring to the sample errors and their corrections. The special lecture in the appendix also provides you with synonyms/antonyms, typical patterns, and sample wrong answers to improve your overall perspective and skill at writing Korean.

* Previews and teaches themes and keywords of major core courses and detailed fields in humanities & business administration majors.

* Conducts combined activity and projects for listening, reading, speaking and writing areas adequate for each field of study.

* Nurtures high level Korean proficiency by providing various materials that could help students to broaden their knowledge of the major.

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