Nihongo Noryokushiken Taisaku - Nihongo sou matome - N3 - Goi (Vocabulary)

This textbook is designed as a six-week course. You will study 20-40 words a day, 1,200 words in total, which are found on JLPT. Every week, from Day 1 to Day 6, you will study groups of functional phrases similar in form and usage. On Day 7, you will review what you have learned in the "Jissen Mondai" (Practice Exercise) which follows JLPT format. English definitions are provided to each vocabulary. The special features of this book: -You will learn the JLPT Level N3 vocabulary through studying its usage in different situations. -It offers efficient ways to learn approximately 1,200 words through the provision of short sentences, clauses, and illustrations. -you will learn not only vocabulary but reading skills, listening skills and useful everyday expressions.

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