The Science of Cooking Every question answered to perfect your cooking

Tác giả : Stuart Farrimond
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Cooking is termed an “art” and is steeped in rituals and processes that chefs throughout the ages have followed blindly. Many of these “rules,” however, serve to confuse and stifle creativity. Science and logic show us that often customs are simply wrong. For example, beans do not need to be soaked for hours before cooking, meat does not need to be rested to seal in juices, and marinated meat can taste better if left for one hour, rather than five.
In this book, I answer more than 160 of the most common culinary questions and conundrums, drawing on the latest research to give meaningful and practical answers. I show that science can be a vehicle for fully appreciating the wonders that we see in the kitchen every day. With the aid of a microscope, we can see how a whisk transforms the yellow slime of egg white into a snow-white cotton-like meringue. And a sprinkling of chemistry shows why a steak left to sizzle on a hot grill evolves from a bland and chewy hunk of flesh into a mouthwatering, meaty delight.
With striking imagery and diagrams, this book delves into the most commonly used cooking processes and techniques; shines a spotlight on core ingredients, such as meat, fish, dairy, spices, flour, and eggs; and offers a guide on how to equip your kitchen with the best gear.